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Snack Box   click on the mini box to see animation.

10 Snack Centers
Cash Discount Price

$110.00.   Order Form
(25.00 shipping)  

10 Snack Centers

Select Color Scheme Please

   $120.00 plus (25.00 shipping)    


50 Snack Centers
Cash Discount Price
$270.00.   Order Form
(95.00 shipping)  

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$300.00  (95.00 shipping)  

11" deep
24" wide
15" high

Load up for approx. $20.00
$80-$100 income when emptied!
Call now for his route and product strategies
on Snack Boxes!  402.438.4398 

Snack Centers

Honor Boxes are absolutely one of the 
BEST ways to own a vending route and
pay it off the quickest!
Holds Approximately 100 Items!
We are so excited about our honor 
snack centers that we feel once you try some
you will definitely want to add more
to your route!  

also available
in white











  • Holds approximately 100 items!
  • Inexpensive to You & Space Saving to Locations!
  • Honor boxes work like an expensive vending machine without all the hassles.
  • Includes six corrugated adjustable dividers and one removable coin box container.


  • Hint #1
    Try to price your merchandise at a low fair price, it's a great selling point when you go to place these, they get a convenient snack center, lower prices, and never have to worry about a machine that takes there money, which means no head aches for you!
  • Hint #2
    The convenience your honor box provides will make that business happy and they will be glad they didn't have to invest in an expensive vending machine, thus with these tips you should be able to get in most places with 0 commission!
  • Hint #3
    Take up very little space and convenient,
    exactly what thousands of businesses are looking for.
  • Hint #4
    Place them in offices, restaurants, waiting areas, lunch rooms, reception areas, etc and the customer picks a snack and deposits the money in the coin box.
  • Hint #5 You typically have a huge mark up of 100-1000% for all items you vend in an honor snack box, so you can typically pay each box off in a few weeks or on your first visit, that's why they are such a great investment.  After it is paid, the profit is then of course... all yours!
  • Hint #6 
    For snacks to use we suggest these items:

    Chocolate bars and all types of candy bars.
    Packs of Gum
    Hostess Pies and Cakes
    Peppermint Patties and Hershey Nuggets
    Lolly Pops
    Office type Supplies
    Hand full of individually wrapped items, ie. gum, tootsie rolls, mints, jolly ranchers, this list is endless...
    (basically whatever you see in a big snack machine,
    also ask the person at the location what some of 
    their favorite things are, this is sure to increase sells.)

Load for approx. $20.00
$80-$100 income when emptied!
(typically just 1 month)
Call Brian now for his route and product strategies
on Snack Boxes!  402.438.4398  I have locations making me $50/month and I'll tell you all my tricks,
plus I already have over 200 gum, toy machines on location!


also available
in white




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