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Eagle Series  HR23
Vending Machine for Snacks



Snack Vending Machine

Ensure product delivery and reduce service calls at the same time, with iVend:  Laser Technology

  • Bottom-Line is Improved Vending Reliability
  • Re-establishes credit or refunds money
  • Consistent home position
  • Sensor fall safe operation & self calibration
  • In case of an IVend problem the machine will automatically converts to standard operation
  • Unlike other sensors, this system minimizes the vending of a 2nd product
  • Accounting/DEX Records number of misloads
  • Accounting/DEX Readings maintain accuracy

Multi-Drop Bus Coin Changer


Optional High Security available on all Eagle HR Series Machines:
This includes a thick bullet proof glass, locking hasp and a guard that covers the seal around the door to prevent people from trying to wedge a crowbar into the seal.



23 Selection  

Snack Vending Machine

If there was ever a perfect machine for a vending location, the 23 selection vending machine is it.  Low cost and big features make this vending machine an easy choice for first time entrepreneurs or seasoned vending professionals.  With an incredible 23 selections of chips, candy, crackers, pastries and gum & mints the 23 selection vending machine meets most mid size location demands.




          Vend Delivery Sensor System 

          5 Flex Trays with adjustable heights in 1" increments 

          Re-configurable product selection spacing for variable package size 

          Individually priced selections 

          Large lighted product display window 

          Easy to use customer interface with large LED display and multiple money acceptance 

          DEX/UCS capable 

          Gum and mint spirals standard 

          Satellite drink vending machine capable 

          High security package available 

          Sturdy steel construction with durable powder coat painted surfaces for years of service 

(International electrical specifications available) 




72" (183 cm)  


29 5/16" (74 cm)  


34 1/8" (87cm) 


445 lbs. (202 kg)  


115 VAC, 1.2 Amps (230 VAC, .6 Amps)  


23 Items  


384 Items (Depending  upon tray configuration)   


Individual From $0 To $99.95  


MDB coin acceptor; MDB $1, $5, $10 & $20 bill acceptor; 

Card reader available 




Manufacturer's Warranty
1 year warranty on all parts excluding light bulbs, ballasts, fuses.

Click here for details on Manufacturer's Warranty.



Laser Technology
The iVend vending sensor system virtually eliminates errors-vends and ensures your customer will receive their product or their credit back.

Simply put,  iVend allows your customers to buy  the products they want, without any mess-ups.

iVend is an infrared light sensor unit consisting of a light emitter and receiver.  
During the first vend cycle, if a product is not sensed by the iVend system, the system waits 1 second and then indicates a second vend cycle and rotates the helix until the product is sensed as dropped. 
If a product is still not sensed as dropped by the iVend system after a full rotation of the helix to the home position, the selection will be considered empty or sold out and the customer's credit will be restored, which will trigger the display message: MAKE ALTERNATE SELECTION. 
The selection is then automatically reinstated for future vends. 





 Ensures Product Delivery!
                   Available on select units.

  • Improved vending reliability
  • Re-establishes credit or refunds money
  • Sensor self calibration
  • Sensor fail safe operation
  • Operates in outdoor environment
  • Consistent home position
  • In case of an iVendô problem the machine automatically converts to standard operation
  • Reduces service calls
  • Unlike other sensors, this system minimizes the vending of a second product
  • Accounting/DEX Records number of misloads.
  • Accounting/DEX Readings maintain accuracy

With iVend your customer is always satisfied!





prices and specifications subject to change without notice


Eagle Series  HR23
Pictured with the BC10 Pop Machine




Eagle Series  HR23
Pictured with the BC6 Satellite Pop Machine
Vending Machine for Snacks


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