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   We have the Best Vending Machines for Your Business!

  Majestic Family
Our Majestic Family has 10 Great Machines made in the USA to meet all your vending needs!
 Proud to say it's  Made in the USA  since 1931

Chill Center








Chill Center





Vending Machine Drink - 6 Selection Cans & Bottles Vending Machine Drink - 10 Selection Cans & Bottles   wpe302.jpg (57222 bytes)   Vending Machine Hot Beverage and Coffee Vending Machine Snack   FF2000 Frozen Food vending machine CF1000 Cold food vending machine      
high pop capacity BC6 BC10 BC12   Snack & Pop   Fresh Brew Cold food,
cold snacks & pop
47 Selections   -12 to +41 degrees -5 to +33 degrees







Our #1 Compact Combo



Governor Combos     
Our Most Popular Chill Center does it All
ALL~in~1 Chill Center

Largest "POP" Capacity ~ Chill Center











Fresh Brew Coffee
Vending Machine Hot Beverage and Coffee








Wireless Credit Card or Debit Card Reader for Your Next Vending Machine only $200.00.
Give Embassy Vending a call at 402-438-4398 today if you have any questions.  It's easy and USA Technologies plugs right into Your Embassy Vending Machines.





    Best Snack Vending Machines in the Vending Industry

HR 23
Vending Machine for Snacks
Selections:  23 Items
Capacity: 330 Items
HR 32
Cold Snacks Optional

32 Selection - Snack Vending Machine
Selections:  32 Items
Capacity: 442 Items
Cold Snacks Optional

Snack Vending Machine - 40 Selections
Selections:  40 Items
    Capacity: 550 Items
Governor G35
Selectivend GF-35 Glass Front Vending Machine
Selections 35 
Capacity 386
Governor  G19    
Selectivend GF-19 Glass Front Vending Machine
Selections 19 
Capacity 210


Semacon S-45 Electric or Manually Operated Coin Counter Sorter With Batching Feature For Packaging Coins Into Coin Wrappers: Offsorting Capabilites
Coin Counters

Dollar Bill Changers




Time Tested Vending
 Bulk Vending Machines:
  Coin Changers   Honor Boxes   Impulse   Laundry Soap  Medic  Pencils   Personal  Hygiene   Scales   Tobacco

Bulk Vending Machines Love Meter Impulse Vending Machine Scale Vending Machine       Pencil Vending Machine
Honor Boxes Bulk Laundry Soap Medic Impulse 3 Head Scales Personal Tampon      





Specialty Vending Machines





DVD Machine CD Vending Machine Car Wash Vending







Nationwide Service
With over 500 service centers Nationwide you always have fast and friendly Service if ever needed!

Full  Warranty
Click here to learn about the Full Warranty that comes with every machine.

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     V Team
The Vending Team is here to help you now!
Don't see the vending machine you are looking for or just have a question about vending.
Contact us now and someone from the V Team will be happy to help you now!

Vending Machines Are Our Business!

Established in 1994 and online since 1999.
Why pay higher prices when you can have your vending machine sent direct from the manufacturer today!
Highest Quality Snack Vending Machines & Soda Pop Drink Vending Machines!

Proud to be a Green Vending Machine Company!





  Embassy Vending Gives Back


Children's Hospital   Shelbie_Renee_light.jpeg (8907 bytes)

All children are very special and precious and we support the wonderful works of Children's Hospital.  It's caring people and businesses like this that can help make a difference in a child's life.  We have personally used the healthcare provided by Children's Hospital and Embassy Vending gladly gives an annual donation to Children's Hospital on behalf of all businesses participating.  We thank you for your kind support of Children's Hospital and all the children that go there.


Embassy Vending




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